Tuesday, 7 December 2010

more from 'work in...'

Stoned sphinx gazes at the pyramids of the insect gods. Sacred geometry thrown off kilter due to heroic efforts of the hoooman racist. Blood in the Nile. Lamb’s blood smeared on the doorways of the saved. Pliedian starfucks give garbled instructions to pysychonauts and dimension shifters. “Worship me with wine and strange drugs” she said. Well, we have and do. Something is gonna happen, be it rapture or apocalypse “let it all come down”. Incense and perfumed temple dancers. Ivory goblets, gold and silver. Diamonds, crystals. Opium and hashish. A celebration, a Bacchanal.. “Wake up, wake up, tis morning and the sun is rising in the east. We make a new covenant.

We are lead to an impossibly large pyramid chamber. No torches needed here. Everything glows with an unearthly golden light. Strange creatures mill around and make small talk. A band of nymphs and satyrs play psychedelic music on pipes and lutes and vocals like the sound of the soul, unmediated and clear as the shimmering flame of the vast, intense fire that burns in the centre of the hall. The dance becomes frenzied and blurred. Speed trails and feelings of undreamt pleasure and possibility. I find myself lying on purple silk cushions, not far from the stage where the elementals are rockin’ out cosmic punk rock. The dancer El-Tep sits so close we’re touching. Her Kohl eyeliner and pitch black hair remind me of someone else. I recognize from some other live. She offers me a cloudy red liquid in a purple glass. I squint into her spinning, pupils eyes and she grins with wild white teeth… “Welcome back”. I, without thinking, pull her close to me and kiss her. I black out for a minute or an hour and wake up expecting to be back in my bed in Torry. She whispers in my ear, “This is your home now”. The band has now grown to an orchestra, people from all the many galaxies are now in full party mode. El-Tep pours me another cup. I reel back and forward in time. My past lives are revealed… I feel myself fading, darkness crowding at the edges of vision. I try to tell El-Tep I’ve had too much but she just laughs. “I’ll always be with you now human”. I take this in like the vaguest of half remembered dreams.

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